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Open Toolchain Hackathon

6-7th March 2023

The Open Toolchain Hackathon took place in the in the Fab City House in Hamburg. The goal was to improve the open source ecosystem of tools for the Nimble, an open source project that allows you to run a local internet system in remote places.

For more information see our blogpost. Each hacking unit at the event made documentation of their work by means of “Hacking Units”. The results were stored in notepads that were presented in the end. Below the various pads:

The Future of Making

3-4th March 2023

The Future of Making took place in Hamburg and marked the end of the INTERFACER project. For the Open Toolchain Foundation however, it marked the official start! We officially launched our organization at this conference. For more information see our blogpost.


4-5th February 2023

The Open Toolchain Foundation was present at FOSDEM where we had a stand to present ourselves to the world. For more information see our blogpost.

Open Toolchain Kick Off event

29-30th July 2023

The Kick Off Event was the very first event we organized, a hybrid event where we invited international experts to discuss our plans to try to find a common vision. Our blogpost gives more details.