Pad 05 - FreeCAD Doc Squad


What do you want to achieve and why?

  • min. port TinkerCAD documents to FreeCAD
  • Explore symantic markup to gen. assembly docs
  • improve documetation (assembly/view)

Action items

What needs to be done? List the Tasks!

Port Priority:


  • [10] rack_leg_21_units.stl
  • [10] keystone_patch_panel_2_units_short.stl
  • [10] omni_20_top.stl
  • [10] rpi_4b_shelf.stl
  • [10] tall_nuc_shelf.stl

People and their roles

Who contributes to this unit? What’s his/her role?

JCgit/ Freecad-Experimenter
cpresserparticipant, FreeCad-Experimenter

Other pads


Simply write in short bullet point style what you’re doing, what your problems, ideas, solutions, workarounds are, also please link issues created in other repos, etc so we can follow up on them. No need to order it by topic, it can be step by step / timeline style.



What did you accomplished?

  • base_shelf.FCStd to base derivative shelf components
  • rpi_4b_shelf.FCStd Raspberry PI 4B shelf component1
  • GitHub Actions to produce STL models from FreeCAD
  • Fully parametric master_rail, port of rack_leg_21_units

Next steps

What needs do be done after this hackathon?

  • Bring OSH Autodoc to FreeCAD mainline (non-realthunder fork)
  • Continue porting other designs

Open questions

  • How can this be integrated into autodoc workflow?

Issue tickets etc. matrix: