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Our Vision & Mission

Modern engineering requires a multitude of specialist software tools.

But as of yet, this “toolchain” consists almost entirely of commercially developed application programs, which increasingly can only be procured through expensive subscription models. Furthermore, their publishers try to drive customers into dependence through non-open (proprietary) file formats and cloud platforms (vendor lock-in).

We envision a world where all tools are intercompatible and have respective open formats.

We will promote the adoption and support the development of tools (software) for designing products, machines, etc. (hardware), namely Open Source software tools for engineering.

Open Source will become the new standard in engineering.

Open Source ecosystems will massively improve access to means of development and production for everyone, therefore fostering innovation and efficiency. To catalyze this transformation, Open Toolchain Foundation (OTFN) will employ proven strategies to foster a robust ecosystem.

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Photo - CC-BY 4.0 Dawid Jakubowski

We started the Open Toolchain Foundation as an interdisciplinary and international team. Our backgrounds range from science to eduction, from software to hardware engineering, coaching and industry, among activism and many years of experience in diverse Open Source Communities. We joined forces together with partners and colleagues from other organisations to kick off some very needed ecosystem work.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this effort as well as each and every developer out there to grow the open source ecosystem for engineering. We want to bring the people together, support their development efforts and promote open toolchains in academia and beyond. Join us!

Our Fields of Action


Fund specific open source software development

We acquire funding and identify developers from the communities that are able to do the work. We facilitate the process and ensure quality. That way we want to leverage potential from existing open source communities.

Community Work

Networking between communities

We organize networking events to connect the communities of the open source engineering world, which helps clarifying the structure and the needs of the open source engineering ecosystem.


Educate and provide resources

We want to increase the adoption of open source engineering software, especially in the realm of academia and universities. So we provide educational resources and consulting.


  • initial commit

  • co-creation brainstorming event

  • mission statement & vision

  • first community kick-off event

  • landing page release

  • set up legal body & call for developers

  • official pilot program start

  • community forum launch

  • publishing the first list of engineering OSS

  • Official Open Toolchain Foundation Launch

  • stand at FOSDEM conference

  • first engineering Hackathon for Developers

  • 2 years activity plan 2024/2025

  • joining FreeCAD's FOSDEM stand

  • acquiring funds and partnerships based on achievements and community needs

Initiating Partners

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Funded By

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