Pad 02 - Parametric enclosure Workflow


What do you want to achieve and why?

  • Automatic workflow that lets you select devices (router, NUC, etc) from a database, and then generates the STL and STEP files for 3d printing, creates a BOM and an assembly manual, specific to your selection of devices

Used technology:

Goal for the hackathon: Generate a documentation and assembly guide based on pre-defined device configration.

Action items

What needs to be done? List the Tasks!

  • Parameteric CAD design (cadquery)
  • Database of routers etc and their dimensions and needed 3d printed tray type
  • Integation with gitbuilding/AutoDoc to create BOM and assembly manual
  • Document how to create whole case with trays only from dimensions of devices like router etc.
  • Critically analyse if it is possible to create a case fully automatically or it is still necessary to do some manual customization for diferent devices.

People and their roles

Who contributes to this unit? What’s his/her role?

JeremyCadquery specialist
Ruslancode for trays
JulianSupport on gitbuilding
DanielYAML engineer
PieterSupport on osh-autodoc

Other pads

Documentation of results

  • Our goal was to tie together the CAD models, BOM and documentation so that they would update automatically together.
  • We tested osh-autodoc and gitbuilding for doucmentation.
  • We ran out of time
  • Source code of this project
  • Current state of the Gitbuilding generated docs are hosted on Github pages at:
  • The idea of tying all of these tools and needs together was proven. The question now is how to move it to the next level for a broader user base.

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  • We have a working pre-processor Python script that ties together the dynamic information given by configuration files and CAD models into a set of human-readable documentation.
  • The models are not a direct representation of the parts of the Nimble rack, but are representative of the existing parts.
  • A live preview:

Next steps

  • After talking with Eric, it seems like a good next step to write a blog post detailing how to reproduce our work

Open questions

  • What Software Licence should we use? The <> mentions only Hardware and Documentation licenses.
  • What needs to be done to make this pipeline of tools ready for a wider user base?

Issue tickets etc.