KICKOFF EVENT - Open Toolchain Foundation

Published on Aug 02, 2022 by Timm on News, Events

KICKOFF EVENT - Open Toolchain Foundation

At the end of July it was finally time for the first event of the Open Toolchain Foundation (#OTFN)! The kick-off was a complete success, the hybrid event with hand-picked international experts left all participants with a common vision, concrete starting points and of course a lot of drive.

This not only built a first network of multipliers, but also confirmed that there is a huge need for improved open source toolchains for engineering. From the community came a wide range of tasks for the new Foundation, from an improved CAD kernel to simplified technical documentation and interoperability to improved user guidance and feature implementations in existing software tools.

One major takeaway from developers was the need for good code review and preparation of new features to be implemented that exist as merge request from members of the communities. It will need funds, tool analysis and monitoring and interaction of existing software communities.

The kick-off event as initialization of the Foundation is part of the EU-EFRE funded collaborative project INTERFACER. More see Blogpost.

Feel welcome to join our chats via Contact.

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