Pad 03 - Open Educational Resource (OER)/Learning Management System(s) for nimble


What do you want to achieve and why?

  • Mapping needed domain knowledge
  • Showing which knowledge is needed
  • Give entrypoint for external to enter development

Action items

What needs to be done? List the Tasks!

  • list domainsand describe them
  • describe domain workflows

People and their roles

Who contributes to this unit? What’s his/her role?

Sarah HuttonCoHost
Christian (OSEG)CoHost
Tasso MulzerCoHost

Other pads

Intersecting topics:


Simply write in short bullet point style what you’re doing, what your problems, ideas, solutions, workarounds are, also please link issues created in other repos, etc so we can follow up on them. No need to order it by topic, it can be step by step / timeline style.

Relevent links…



What did you accomplish?

It was recognized that there are several topics that stretch across the entirity of the work in OTFN which require documentation and therefore have potential for OER. We have established:

  • A workflow for determining topics/areas of focus to create OER in support
  • A use case to test process model: #12/compliance

Next steps

What needs do be done after this hackathon:

  • Work on #12 to create an OER as use case/example for other OTFN items - sample content:
  • Establish a working group (WG) to run an evaluation/assessment of documentation gaps, to determine need across the OTFN for open educational reousrces/opportunities to create documentation
  • WG would prioritize list of OER needed
  • Place project list on Discourse forums (shared opportunities list) for signup
  • Potential to pool seed funds for incentivising documetnation projects

Open questions

Issue tickets etc.